Level Mode


On September 28th, we launched an entire new app.  We recommend you update to the SYSTM app before November 15th.  At that time, the SUF app will cease to function.  For more details see   Moving from SUF to SYSTM: Everything you need to know.


There are 2 smart trainer modes used in The Sufferfest app:  ERG mode and Level mode.  In Level mode, you will need to shift gears to meet the power targets, unlike ERG mode where the trainer meets the power targets for you.

Resistance Curves

Level mode applies a standard resistance curve to the trainer. The curve replicates outside riding- the faster you go, the greater the resistance. Outside, you get more wind resistance. If you’ve ever wondered why you are always riding in a headwind, this explains it. You’re just going that fast! So on a trainer, with a resistance curve, you will have a similar effect.

Each trainer will have different levels, each one will have a steeper curve, adding a greater amount of resistance with speed. There’s a great graph here of the power curves associated with the different levels for a Wahoo Kickr.


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