A Guide to The Sufferfest


On September 28th, we will launch an entirely new app.  Please read the following article for more details on how this might affect you:  Preparing to move from SUF to the new app.


Welcome to The Sufferfest!  This guide will help you get acquainted with the app and its features so that you can enjoy your time in Sufferlandria!  Be sure to download the app to get started! 

Find your way around

To start a workout select the "Workouts" tab if you're using a Mac or Windows computer, or the "Videos" tab on iOS.  Choose the workout you want, and press Play/Start.  This will launch the workout player where you'll need to connect to the app. 

Get Connected

We have a great interactive tool to help you get your trainer properly connected to the app:  Trainer Compatibility and Connection Helper.

The Workout Experience

Incorporated into the workout is often a video, soundtrack, and/or story line which are carefully produced to complement the workout efforts, to keep you engaged, and to motivate you to complete it to the very best of your ability. 

Your job as an athlete is to follow the targets.  The Video, soundtrack and story line are there to keep you focused (and sometimes to distract you from the pain!).  This is not a game or simulation, this is the most effective training you can do.  You can't affect the video by pedaling harder or softer.  You can (and must) only hit those targets.  This is not a virtual world experience, so the trainer will not be producing any terrain, but will be following the workout intervals.  The video may seem convincing at times, but the workout is only following the interval targets and not the hills you're seeing on the screen. 


A- Current Power Target

B- Upcoming Power Target

C- Current power (this is you!)

D- Cadence data (Current Target, Upcoming Target and Current Cadence, same format as Power (above))

E- Gear Icon to take you back to the Device Connections and Settings


If you're using a smart trainer, you can choose to use ERG mode or Level mode to complete your workouts.  In ERG mode, you only need to focus on the cadence target.  The trainer will do the work to keep you at your target interval.  There's no need to shift gears (mostly).  This article will teach you everything you need to know about ERG mode:  All About ERG Mode.  

Level Mode will also be a requirement for smart trainers for some workouts.  Users with classic (non-smart) trainers, will use the gears on their bikes to increase the resistance and match the power targets, much like smart trainer users in Level Mode.  For more about Level mode:  All About LEVEL Mode.

To switch from ERG mode to Level mode, click the gear icon on your screen and choose the setting in your trainer connection box:




Setting up for Success

Please complete a few workouts in the app and make sure that you're familiar with the app and its controls before attempting a fitness test.  If you have any questions or any trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Minions!  We are always happy to help.  

Once you're ready, give Full Frontal or Half Monty a try!  Then set up a training plan to help you reach your goal!




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