Norway! Instructions for the best ride experience


Norway is an immersive ride experience, putting you right in the middle of the action!  We've used 4DP to match your workout power targets to the actual power profile from our pro rider in the 6th stage of the Tour of Norway!  You get to experience exactly what our pro rider experienced, but relative to your own abilities.

Here are some added instructions for your best experience.  Please note that this ride will not have any cadence or heart rate targets. This is intentional.  Focus on the DS (Directeur Sportif- that guy in the car on the radio) instructions and the riders around you.  This is your chance to ride with the peloton and contend for a GC top ten finish. 


The Smart Trainer Experience

This ride is best experienced in ERG mode.  We recommend the following for best trainer response:

- small ring X big cog for gearing.

- no shifting gears

- keep the cadence steady and relaxed. 

You will notice that there are no cadence targets though!  If you've read the ERG Mode: Tips and Tricks article, you might find that this contradicts the instructions for ERG mode.  Rest assured, it does not!  You'll want to keep your cadence steady and comfortable.  This is your chance to ride at your preferred cadence.  Due to the race atmosphere, you might find yourself spinning a little faster than you normally would.  Just keep calm, stay steady and focused, listen to the DS, and enjoy the race!


The Classic Trainer / Power Meter / No ERG Experience

There will be some quick power target changes for you to follow, much like in Team Scream, but with a bit more unpredictability.  Varying your cadence to match the power target should allow you to keep shifting to a minimum.  Again, try to stay calm relaxed, and follow the flow of the race.  It isn't necessary to meet every target with perfection.  Listen to the DS, focus on what's going on in the race and do your best to stay with the race leaders! 


Using RPE- the "un-plugged" experience

We do understand that there are some riders who are unable to connect to the app to get data!  RPE targets are included in this workout to guide your efforts.  We recommend the following while riding along, to keep the immersive experience:

Listen to the DS instructions, focus on what is going on in the race, and stick with the leaders.  You'll enjoy the short recoveries sprinkled in the hard race efforts. 

Be sure to keep cadence steady and comfortable, surging slightly with some of the efforts to meet the targets as best as possible. 







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