The Tour of Sufferlandria FAQ


You'll find all the information about the Tour of Sufferlandria on the Official Tour Race Page.  But we realize that you might still have some questions.  Hopefully, you'll find the answers here.


Where to I register?

There are 2 places you need to visit to join the tour.  The first is the DPF Registration page.  This will register you as an official participant with the Davis Phinney Foundation and set you up with your personal fundraising page.  To win prizes in the Tour of Sufferlandria, you must be registered here. 

The second spot where you need to join is on your challenge dashboard.  This will allow you to track and monitor your progress on the Tour Stages.  Completing the stages in the required time frame is required to get the Tour of Sufferlandria completion badge in your passport.  You can click Join here at any time during the Tour.  Your progress will be marked even if you haven't joined. 


How do I get the Tour Stages to appear on my calendar?

This doesn't happen automatically when you join the Tour.  You'll need to select the ToS Stages training plan from the Training Plans section of the app and apply it to your calendar.  You can choose the level that you would like to complete: focused, get me through it, or nuclear.  For more details on these levels, please refer to the Official Tour Race Page


What is the 50 hour window? 

With Sufferlandria spread over so many time zones, it only seems fair that once a stage is open in one time zone that it is open in all time zones.  To accommodate this, we've created a 50 hour day for each day of the Tour.  There's a chart here that will help you figure out when the 50 hour window opens in your time zone.  You can also check this in your Challenge Dashboard.


In the challenge dashboard, each stage will display a clock that will tell you when a stage will open and then when it will close.  You must complete the workout within this open window for it to count towards the badge. 



But the calendar doesn't display the 50 hour window!

Yes, that's right.  The calendar will show the workout on the actual scheduled day in the Tour.  Couchlandrian programming rules prevent us from implementing the 50 hour window to the Training Calendar.  If you would prefer to do your workouts on a different day, but still during the 50 hour window, you can move your workout to the planned date prior to completing the workout.  This will allow your calendar to record the workout and the box to turn green upon completion.  Please note that the box being green is NOT required for the Tour badge to be awarded.  That is based 100% on the green dot on the challenge dashboard, not the calendar.


Where can I go to chat about the ToS with my fellow Sufferlandrians?

The Race Village is located in the Sufferfest Forum.  If you've never been to the forum, you'll need to create a login ID to get started.  It's free to use!  Under Categories, look for the Tour of Sufferlandria.  All the daily events and broadcasts will be linked here.  Please keep the following rules in mind:

I understand that Sufferlandrians are always nice and supportive. Is that true?

Yes. We're the friendliest batch of badasses this side of the Great Lactic Acid Sea. As Sufferlandrians, we believe in the values of PAIN, MISERY and AGONY as the path to HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY. That path is different for everyone and we enthusiastically support anyone who chooses to go down it. We have zero-tolerance in our culture to bullying, being nasty, mean, abusive or unsupportive, denigrating anyone else's achievements or just generally being a jerk. If we see any of this, we will delete and ban without warning or questions.

Can I post graphs of the data from my rides in the SUForum?

We far prefer that you post pictures of you Suffering. We're all doing the stages, we all know the route profiles and we all know how the data looks. We're already proud of you for doing the stage and we really don't want to see your data. But if you really insist on boring everyone to tears, then go ahead and post your graphs BUT YOU MUST: 

  1. Make your post funny
  2. Donate an additional $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation








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