STEP UP Challenge FAQ and Help Guide


Badge requirements

To receive the badge in your passport, you must complete all the challenge rides within the challenge window. They do not have to be done back to back, or on the designated ride day. The challenge will run from March 25th to March 29th. The workouts will need to appear in your passport, but they do not need to be properly matched and paired in the calendar for the badge to be awarded. 

The challenge rides are:

Day 1:  Who Dares + Half the Road

Day 2:  Fight Club + I Just Want to Ride

The workouts do not need to be done back to back, or on the same day/same order, provided that they are all done between March 25th and March 29th.  


The chevrons represent the directional movement of the peloton; a diverse group of people working together to remedy the unbalance between men's and women's sports. 

Adding this event to your Calendar

This event will be available in the Training Plans section of the app. Please note that there is no plan leading into this event, but only the event itself. When added to the calendar, the workouts will appear on Saturday and Sunday with 2 rides on each day. You can choose to do the rides on these dates, or you can move them around to better suit your schedule. Provided that they are done within the challenge window of March 25-29th, they will count towards the badge. 

To move the workouts to a different day, please follow the instructions found here:  Moving A Workout - Integrated Training Plans

Please note that workouts will be paired with the calendar as soon as they are saved. If you would like your calendar to pair with the workout and for the workout box to turn green, you must move the workout on the calendar prior to completing the workout. Workouts cannot be paired after they are saved.  Marking a workout "done" cannot be undone. 

Even if things don't pair up properly in the calendar, you will still be eligible for the badge, provided that the workouts are in your passport.


Launching a workout

Workouts can be launched from the calendar, or directly from the workouts / video list in the app.  Be sure to select the matching workout. We recommend downloading the videos ahead of time from the workouts list.  During a challenge, the demand on our servers may be greater and downloading and streaming speeds may be affected.  Be prepared and get these downloaded early! 


Joining the Live Stream

There will be a Live stream available to join SUF coach Suzie Snyder along with her guest Kathryn Bertine, founder of The Homestretch Foundation and author of Stand. Questions about Half the Road, her book, and the Homestretch Foundation are welcome. 

The Live stream will be featured on the Sufferlandria Facebook Page using Streamyard. You will need to register with Streamyard for your comments to be visible during the Live event so that the hosts and others can see and answer your questions. More details will be posted in the forum and on the Facebook page prior to the event. 


Supporting The Homestretch Foundation

Please be sure to visit The Homestretch Foundation website to learn how you can support them in bringing equality to women's cycling. Please note that their kit store will be open from March 15 to April 15th to purchase the HSF Equality Cycling kit. There are also options to donate and other ways to support this worthy cause. 





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