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On September 28th, we launched an entire new app.  We recommend you update to the SYSTM app before November 15th.  At that time, the SUF app will cease to function.  For more details see   Moving from SUF to SYSTM: Everything you need to know.




The wait is finally over. SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest, is here.

I can't tell you how thrilled I and the entire team are about this. Not only do we now have an Android version, but SYSTM is packed with new features and tons of exciting new content
. If you're on iOS, it will replace your current SUF app. If you are on Mac, PC or Android, you will have to download the app. 

But first let’s deal with the oversized Laser Goat in the room: Why isn’t this still called The Sufferfest? I go into the full (too long for this email) story on the SYSTM Forum. Rest assured - everything you know and love (to hate) about The Sufferfest remains, it just has a new home in SYSTM. 

Speaking of that home, here are some key features of SYSTM:

  • Android: Finally! Download Here. Tell all your friends.
  • Training Plan Builder: Customize your training plan across multiple sports and goals
  • Calendar: Reschedule upcoming workouts, delete or mark sessions as done, add training plans and more. 
  • Library: New design, filters and 'channels' allow quick access to a hugely expanded collection of workouts.You can even add a workout to your calendar.
Explore SYSTM

Speaking of workouts, here’s what’s new: 

  • On Location: Amazing roads in beautiful locations with a solid workout. Wahoo Ambassador Michael Cotty takes you on rides that dive deep into the local culture and attractions.
  • ProRides: We take the on-bike camera footage, course profile and power file from a rider in a professional race, convert it to a workout, scale it to your 4DP® and add a Directeur Sportif. The result? The most realistic racing experience anywhere.
  • A Week With: Wouldn’t you love to spend a week hanging-out and training with a cycling celebrity? Take your pick from Ian Boswell, one of the best gravel racers in the world, or Neal Henderson, one of the best sports scientists in the business.
  • Inspiration: A total of 50 films and documentaries with recovery and endurance workouts now await you.
  • The Sufferfest: Yep, there’s a new Sufferest session in there for you - check out Tapers!
  • Strength Training: Focused routines on Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, Posterior Chain and Dynamic Movement.
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This is only the beginning. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, you’ll see updates that further refine the design, improve functionality and add important features (such as workout history and basic analytics). Once that’s all in...well, we’ve only really just got started. 

SYSTM has put us on an entirely new path to become the only training app you need. My team and I hope it engages, motivates, and excites you. And we hope you’ll join us for this journey. As a start, head over to The SYSTM forum where I’m listening to feedback, answering questions and maybe even sharing a hint or two about what’s coming up next.

More than you,

David McQuillen
Head of Wahoo Training Services


For more details about compatibility and device requirements, see Preparing to move from SUF to the new app.


More questions?  Feel free to jump over to the new SYSTM Help Center at Wahoo.  


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