Which Sufferfest video is hardest



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    When I first did the 10 week novice programme in early 2016, which was my first pedal strokes into training on a turbo, I remember doing "The Rookie" too soon after eating and paying the price having to pause to disgrace myself in the sink before finishing/limping over the line. Psychologically that left a bit of a scar and I still have a shudder of fear when I take it on even though I have done it more successfully several times since. Conversely, Nine Hammers is the vid I considered myself redeemed on a week or so later. It's when I genuinely felt I'd gone through a rite of passage and become a Sufferlandrian, so I have such fond memories of it that, however tough it is, each time I feel I'm renewing a pledge and never hit that darkest of places where you just can't keep it up.


    For me, the vids where there are surges and changes of pace like The Wretched I can struggle to keep really nailing those changes of pace which take it out of me more than consistent pace or gradual builds etc. Also, vids like Revolver and Half is Easy and Violator, where it is obvious if you are starting to fade and there is little time to physically and mentally regather before going hard again can be tough. There's no hiding from the numbers and if you aren't hitting the same numbers at the end as you were earlier, and your legs just aren't kicking in with such instant power changes and response it's obvious. It is physically tough, and mentally testing.

    On reflection, I think Revolver is hardest (for me) Revolvaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!




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    Funny how all of our bodies respond differently to the different videos. I can always get through Revolver, Half is Easy, and The Rookie - although it's sometimes a close thing (not far off total collapse).

    I think I've only done the Wretched once or twice, and not for a while. Will need to try it again.

    Nine Hammers and Fight Club wreck me - particularly Fight Club. I use a smart trainer on ERG mode and I've only managed to complete Fight Club on 100% once, and I've done it lots of times. At first I feel like I'm doing ok but it just builds and builds and gets to be unbelievable.


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    Bradley Krug

    I haven't tried Fight Club, I'll give it a go when I'm done my current plan.

    For me, I seem to crack right around the time Long Scream tells me I'm cracking (Mental Strength??? I'll prove it wrong some day!). Also, haven't tried them on the App yet, but A Very Dark Place and Downward Spiral have broken me time and again. I'm going to start naming them all so I'll stop at that.

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    Adrian Avant

    I've always been ok with Long Scream.  Decent difficulty but nothing I can't get through.  The Wretched, on the other hand, is PURE HELL.  The only thing close to that for me is maybe Omnium.  9 Hammers doesn't even come close to it.....and Nine Hammers is a TOUGH ride. 

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    Jack Riddle

    The shovel.  Trying to hit those really high targets with legs that are burning already early in - that is frightening. 

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    John Ruhnke

    Full Frontal was the hardest for me so far. I broke my heart rate record by a good margin and was toast after the 5 minute ride. And then you have the twenty minute after that.

    I have only been at this for 1.5 weeks so I don't think I have yet tried anything hard. I am doing the Shovel on Saturday. Tuesday I am back to riding outdoors.

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    The nearly perpetual high cadence—including on the recovery sections—in Hell Hath No Fury was super-tough.

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