Kitchen Sink for Suf Day: Intensity %age?

At the risk of sounding Couchlandrian, I've never visited Sufferlandria for as long in any one sitting as Kitchen Sink will be this weekend for SufDay. Given that it's three times as long as a standard visit that leaves me on the ragged edge as I get near the end, should I be thinking about dialling down the intensity by a few percent in order to actually hang in there and still be able to give near the end, rather than just be a pedal turning zombie unable to change pace or get anywhere near the targets? If so, how much percentage of do you reckon?





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  • Uncharted territory for me as well. Obviously current fitness level and time since last Rubber Glove are factors to consider, but I'm planning to start at 90% and see if I can last at that. There was a workout or two in one of the training plans that had the target dialed back to 90% (the pdf guide mentions getting almost the same benefit at 90% but with quicker recovery), but those sessions were by no means easy!

    Happy Suffering! Can't wait!

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