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I recently got my hands on the Wattbike Atom and after going from a none smart turn trainer I’m generally  very impressed.

I cant seem to get the Sufferfest App and the bike working together in ERG mode though, I am in contact with the customer support for both Sufferfest and Wattbike and they are doing everything they can to help but I just wondered if anyone else was having the same problem?!?

I’m running an older version of iOS so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.



  • Although I select ERG mode I find that I still have to change gear on the Wattbike (i.e. it is not in ERG mode)

  • Thanks for the message Bob, very frustrating! As far as I can tell the Erg mode works on the bike when using the Wattbike Hub and doesn’t miss a beat.

  • Bob

    Just a quick note, did a quick test using my old iPad (30 pin socket) and the Wahoo Ant + Key plugged directly into the iPad rather then through a lightening pin adapter and ERG mode seemed to work.

    Not sure what set up you have but this may be causing you the same issue.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hello Everyone, 

    We don't have bluetooth trainer control yet, so you need to use that ANT+ Key on iOS devices for trainer control with the Atom.  We should have bluetooth trainer control figured out by the end of March.  

  • Well ERG mode just does not work

    I have to plug in the ANT+ dongle via the adapater and my ipad has the lightning connector

    Sufferfest sees the ANT+ it starts on the correct wattage, but will never change it


    I tried using the hub app on bluetooth

    I can use gears on the ub app, but I want erg mode

    Rather disappointing as I like the workouts

    ERG mode works on the Wattbike hub app and when using my Garmin 820

  • Hi Bob, frustrating isn’t it!

    From what I can see on the web, the Ant+ connection isn’t the greatest anyway so I’d just hold out for the BLE control which Aaron mentions above.

    It’s new tech so there are bound to be the odd glitch here and there, both Sufferfest and WattBike have provided as much help as they can so that’s a positive.

    Oh and I believe the ‘Boss’ at Sufferfest now has an Atom so the developments may be prioritised! ;o)

  • Hello Sufferlandrians,

    The Boss did get his Wattbike Atom and noticed a few problems.  If you accidentally hit the shifter, the bike can shift on you and then that kills ERG mode in our App. 

    Take a look at this help article that David helped write for the Atom users:  Connecting The Wattbike Atom 

  • Hi, I am having the exact same problem. iphone 6s, ios 11.2.5, wahoo dongle and apple adapter. Starts at the correct wattage and then fails to increase/decrease the resistance as it moves through the session.

    It is definitely not a shifter issue.

    Disappointing yet again as I shifted to the phone as it kept crashing when using my ipad 3. 

  • Thought I got an invite to trial for Bluetooth but managed to loose the email

  • @hogeylad

    I too wondered how it could be a shifter issue as I didn’t seem to be having the same problem in the Wattbike Hub. I was getting what seemed like irractic loss of resistance when using the Sufferfest App in gear mode and thought it was a BLE connection issue, then after reading the advice on the shifter I adjusted the hood and it seems to have solved the problem.

    I haven’t tried it in Erg mode yet though as I was having issues with the Ant+ dongle and the new Apple OS. I know we have had advice on rectifying this but haven’t had chance to do it yet.

    I’ll post another message when I have had chance.

  • Hi, I suspect it is a an issue with Ant +, Atom and iOS which is why Sufferfest are cracking on with Bluetooth development which should be easier. I have resorted to using PC , Ant dongle and ERG mode works great, impressed with both Sufferfest and Atom in this way.

  • Well do not have a laptop so no pc to connect to Atom

    I have signed up forBluetooth trial so hope that moves ahead.

  • Hi Bob, do you have the link to sign up for the Bluetooth trial for WattBike/Sufferfest interface?

  • Yes I have signed up - just waiting to hear


  • Have not heard about Bluetooth trial assume I am not selected :-(

  • Aaron,   I just tried my new wahoo ant+ dongle as per your advice.  I have the same problem as others here in that’s is starts at the right power, but never changes..  Very disappointing as I only bought the dongle on your advice....  please can I get the beta Blue tooth test?  I just submitted the form...

  • Andy that's just what I have

    And I submitted the form about 2 weeks ago for Bluetooth trial and never heard.

    I quite like the Sufferfest system, so I am hoping that when it comes it will work well.

    I do have to use the ANT+ dongle to get the Garmin HR strap seen by the App.

    I have had ongoing problems with the right shifter so it is not at all ideal at present.

    Should eventually get resolved


  • A quick update for the Wattbike Atom users.  I had about 70 requests for beta testing but I could only take about 30 of you.  Those people are all selected now so if you haven't heard anything from me, you didn't make the cut.  

    Bluetooth control is working on the Atom right now and working fairly well.  We did have some growing pains over the past 30 days with it, but I'm confident we should have bluetooth control out for the Atom (Mac and iOS) mid April.  We ran into some bugs that slowed us down in March but we are attacking them now.  

  • Thanks for the update @Aaron, looking forward to the release!

  • @Aaron. Definitely looking forward to this update as I love the Sufferfest and this limitation is the only thing stopping me from fully signing up 😌

  • @Aaron - Just done my first ride in Arrrrrrrrghhh! (ERG) mode and you’ve nailed it! Chapeau!

  • Great to hear Samuel!  We have unlocked an entirely new monster with FTMS on the Atom.

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