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    Aaron Johnson

    I think the same thing Bob when I'm doing the Yoga videos, but after a few months, I am getting a bit more flexible. 


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    Jack Riddle

    I appreciate that Ali condenses it for time, but I find I am just getting settled in a pose and have to move.  Takes me a while to get there I guess.


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    Garrick Raczek

    These videos are way too fast paced. I tried to do Full Body Mobility after my workout tonight and it was impossible to keep up. Normally I do about 20-30 min stretching, which is barely enough for my old bones, but I make it work. 15 minutes of yoga is not nearly enough to improve "full body mobility", especially that the instructor doesn't hold any pose for more than a few seconds. Any stretching to be effective must be held for min. 30-40 sec, so this is pretty much a waste of time.

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    David Jackson

    Agreed - I'm new to yoga too and by the time I've worked out what I should be doing it's time to change again

    Maybe at very least there should be an intro video that explains "Pose 12 - Leftward twist with stretch" and talks through what you should do and gives details what you should be aiming for.

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    Ben Bradfield

    I have the same problem.  I found a good beginners Yoga session:


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