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    Hi Thomas! That's a really good question and one that is super important when you are doing your quest. My advice is to change your shorts after every few videos and make sure to err on the side of more chamois cream than less. Save your best and most comfortable shorts for the end. It also really helps to get off the bike for those 10 minute break, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes! Best of luck to you!

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    Thomas Lambing

    Thanks, Rebecca those were very useful answers. I just got my chamois cream from Wiggle :-). Didn´t think of changing bibs at all, that´s good too. 

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    Glen Coutts

    Just did my quest yesterday Thomas and I would echo changing your bibs and lots of chamois cream.  While my butt is a little sore, it wasn't intolerable.  I can't overestimate the value of good bibs.   

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