Trends for BTLE and FE-C



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    Cody Moore

    Hey Tom,

    If you are looking for a new trainer FE-C is a safe bet if you have Ant+.  If you are using BTLE you will want to check with the manufacturers to see if their trainers have FTMS installed.  This is the FE-C of bluetooth if I may over simplify it.  

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    Tom Taylor

    Thanks Cody.  It does look _today_ like ANT+ FE-C is the way to go.

    I'm cynical enough to think that as soon as I purchase something, someone will come up with a good abstraction layer for BTLE.  Which would mean no or fewer dongles & adapters.

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    Cody Moore

    Yeah FE-C is super solid but you are correct that FTMS should be completely wireless... no adaptors or dongles needed.  You just need a compatible trainer and in the case of The Sufferfest, we are starting with rollout to iOS and moving on from there.

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    Just upgraded from power beam to M2 and really excited. Lost two years of sufferlandria citizenship when the app rolled out two months after my power beam purchase. Kinda pissed about it but kept up the old vids in rouvy app,....happy to be back and recommend you just take the leap directly to fe+c.

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