Welcome to the 30 day Core Yoga Challenge

Hello Sufferlandrian,

If you're not on Facebook (or have joined the #leavefacebook movement) then this is where you'll be able to interact (albeit indirectly) with Abi and (directly) with me for any query and questions you have about the challenge.

In the meantime, I must reinforce you’re not expected to be able to complete every yoga video. Many of them are repeated so you get more than one chance. Some people will be able to do all of them, and some just a few minutes of each. It’s the habit that is important.

Can you commit to 15 minutes every day on that mat for 30 days? No matter what life throws at you. Even if you just watch the video and join in with the opening breathing and Final Resting Pose. Remember, these 30 days are only the beginning of your journey to being Hard Core.



  • Phew thats a relief i was shocked last night when i saw the balance and agility was an advanced session. I wobbled through it and did my best effort of looking as calm and serene as Abi does. I failed miserably but i am putting that down to having just finished Fight Club.

  • No worries Gareth. Balance & Agility is a tough one so don't lose sleep on this. These workouts will get easier with time and practice. It's however nice I think to try them so it gives you a good idea of what's left to achieve. None of what you see on the videos is impossible. It's just a question of time. For some it will be weeks, other months, ;-)

  • I've committed myself to the 30day challenge. Based on the first 4 days I think it'll be a great help to my flexibility and agility. Also gets my mind in the right space.

    Like Gareth said, at the moment "wobble" is the term that often comes to mind.

    I assume that afer the 30 days, and if making this a daily habit, you could just repeat the program? Or is there a preferred advancement from this program?

    Anyway, enjoying it immensely. 



  • Really enjoyed todays session until the last exercise which was a killer. The fact my glutes felt so tight i’m guessing tells me i need to do more. 😂


  • Hi guys,

    One possible to carry on with the Yoga is to indeed repeat the Challenge. If you're looking at targeting Core, you could keep the Core workouts and just explore some of the other workouts by what we have in the App.

    Generally speaking, we just need more Yoga in our lives!



  • Hi Francois,


    i’m now up to 18 days straight of yoga sessions and have completed all of the 30 day challenge thus far... well i thought i had! Just checked the dashboard and i have a blank on Thursday 19th. I couldn’t understand why as i did a session. Turns out i misread the schedule and did mobilize & activate 1 not 2. 

    I’m assuming this will prevent me getting my badge?


    definitely seeing improvements and really enjoying it!

  • Hey Gareth,

    Apologies for the hiatus.

    Are you still going with the challenge despite your mismatch?

    On that basis Badge would be out of the equation but I might run an "ADHD & Dyslexic Amnesty" for people who got their session mixed up!


  • Hi Francois,

    I found the 30 day challenge really helpful on a number of levels. 

    1. The daily routine makes it habitual. To the point you just want to continue on after completing the challenge. It becomes part of your day.

    2. A good mix of flexibilty and strength focussed routines. Especially for your core.

    3. Surprisingly, good for mental relaxation.

    I'd recommend the program to anyone wanting to improve their flexibilty and core stability. As noted, you may not be able to complete every session, but as you continue the sessions become more familiar and you do improve.

    Personally I found it useful and at this stage will just work through the program again. I enjoy the diversity it offers in routines.

    Rgds, Greg

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