Bluetooth Smart Control

Any update when this goes live?

Also any insight into any new vids or developments?





  • Hey Gareth,


    We are hard at work trying to get testing completed for the next update which will include the first batch of bluetooth controls.  


    As far as new videos I don't have a solid update there yet.  We are hard at work getting some pretty cool stuff for the App started and then most likely some new videos will come after that.


    We did however just finish new versions of The Wretched and Violator with updated graphics.  They look much, much better. Like a formerly shabby old friend in a new suit (of armour).

  • Do we have to update the app? or will it read the new versions automatically?

  • The new versions of the videos will show up automatically Sebastian.  If you have downloaded them the App will warn you at start up that we have updated some videos which means that they need to be re-downloaded.

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