On Screen pedal analysis

Some of us have trainers capable of doing Pedal Analysis. 

A lot of videos remind us how to pedal, and get the correct posture. But, what if you could display de Power of each pedal stroke?

Something like this (look at the videos below) ... I believe its the future of all apps to include this option. Just as when you press the S key and shows the "speed"..

For Elite: time 11:50


here's an other.

For Tacx: Time 4:21




  • I have the assioma duo and that detail would be really really welcome

  • I agree some kind of pedal analysis would be great.  I have a Vector pedals so I could improvise with a separate screen/app/notebook that can do realtime analysis off the ant or perhaps bluetooth Vector data.  

  • I didn't know the NEO had this.... Wow, that would be cool specially with G.O.A.T. ot other low cadence stuff. 


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