Chrome OS or Android

I know many have asked about Android but with the explosion of Chromebooks and support for Android on them as well, this a serious platform alternative to iOS and MacOS. I love Sufferfest and would love to support Android development.




  • Hi Jeremy!


    Thanks for your continued support of The SUF!  We sure hope to get there someday but we just are ready to undertake Android development yet.  We just don't have the crew to do it yet.  Stay tuned though, we are always conjuring up new ways to help everyone Suffer!!

  • Any work on this?

  • No sorry Shawn, it's not on the roadmap at this point.

  • Would there be any chance of at least an Android "viewer"? I do my rides on a Mac (well, not actually *on* the Mac you understand) but it would be nice to just be able to study my results later in bed on my phone.

    I know even this would be an outlay for SF to develop, so maybe even just some kind of web portal to the same data?

    When I've just completed a ride I am too wrecked to study how I did, so it would be nice to be able to go through it later



  • David,

    That's a good idea about the web portal. I would guess that would be cheap for Sufferfest to implement.

    For now though what you want can be easily achieved. Sign up for an account with Garmin Connect or Strava, or any other good ride tracking site, and set Sufferfest to upload automatically to them.

    I would say Garmin Connect is the better option for viewing on your phone, as Strava does not show a power trace line in their Android app so it's a bit useless for power training really. Training Peaks is excelent for this but you have to pay for it.

  • I already have my upload to Strava going on, so that's a reasonable compromise. (I'm anti-Garmin for ethical reasons, as an aside.)

    I guess I'd just prefer to stay in Sufferlandria to analyse my efforts, maybe also be able to scroll through descriptions for the other rides that are available and look at whether they might appeal for the next day etc.

    No biggie, just be nice to have

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