Dissable ERG while Sprints

What if the software could dissable ERG mode, say.. (8sec before - during- and 1 sec after) a Sprint?

then, "engage" ERG again.


I think this could solve a lot of issues and open alternative for other training plans.




  • Hey Sebastian,


    Thanks for the suggestion.  We can definitely look at these types of functions in the future... there are some very big things in the works currently that are consuming the minions' time.  ;)


  • I can confirm Sebastian's concern with nailing sprints.  When I do the Shovel or Violator on my Wahoo Kickr, I'm sometimes cheated out of almost an entire sprint because of lag at the start of a sprint.  Other times, the Sufferfest lags at the end of a sprint that I'm already doing, and then I get the benefit of being required to generate 700 or 800 watts for an additional 5-7 seconds or so (not that I'm complaining about that--I actually kind of like that particular, umm..."feature").

  • I have a smilar issue. I feel like the ramp up is too slow and I end up spinning out, wanting to put out more power and really push it. I am using the iPad app with a wahoo kickr snap.

  • I love this idea. That would be great.
    The onscreen messages push me to give all I got for some sprints, but the pre-defined power + erg doesn't allow me to sprint as much as I would like.

  • I feel my NEO struggles in egr with dialing the resistance. No isseu for longer intervals or lower power, but short interval high power intervals.....  I practised a bit I can completely disrubt the controls in egr for the full interval. A bit more stability there would be great to better nail the intent of the cool training sessions sufferfest provides. 


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