Dynamic 4DP Based trainings



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    Erik Midtskogen

    I've had this same thought.  If the Sufferfest app adjusted automatically in response to your improvements through training, then a separate stress test wouldn't even ben necessary.  The only problem is that if you're using a smart trainer in ERG mode, then your power output won't change over time, since the trainer itself is controlling how much power you generate.  Maybe it could look at your heart rate, and try sneaking the power level up a bit automatically any time your heart rate doesn't come up to the target range.  Just a thought.

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    Ömer Furtun

    But here's the problem.

    For example, Full Frontal depletes your other reserves before proceeding to measure your FTP. It really isolates the kind of power that is measured.

    The Badass Record from a basic FTP type training video/ride which doesn't fully deplete your other reserves would probably overstate your true FTP.

    This would mean throwing the whole 4DP concept out the window.

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