Briefly buffer when dropping from max to easy.

When quickly going from max effort to easy, eg a sprint session like Violator, the software could briefly buffer rather than assume you got off your bike and stop playing. Currently if I ride as I'm told the video runs like it's streaming over a dial up modem (yes, I'm that old).

To stop this annoying trait I have to slowly drop the effort, which means I'm doing the repetitive task to work around a software assumption. Instead you could just keep the video running for a couple of seconds after each sprint regardless of whether the trainer appears to be giving any output.

(it's just gone from 600 to 60W in a second, of course it's not giving any output).



  • Hey Marty,


    I think that the buffering that is happening is the auto pause feature kicking in.  It sounds like your trainer is spun up from the sprint effort and when you drop down to recovery the App thinks that you have stopped.  You can disable the auto pause feature by pressing the play button on the screen to start the video rather than start by pedaling.  Also, if you are on a smart trainer we really recommend doing this sprint type efforts in Level mode rather than Erg mode.  I am not sure if this will help with the auto pause kicking in with your trainer but it is worth a try.  Please note that in Level mode you will need to change gears to change resistance.  If you have further questions on this please shoot us an email at

  • Hi Cody - 

    This is something that I think is a weakness in The Sufferfest. To suggest "use level mode" is not really enough - trying The Shovel on level mode would be rough... and it is not what we bought a smart-trainer for.

    My problem is more on the ramp-up. Going from rest to a hard effort (like in The Shovel) can 'lock' the trainer if you are a little slow in getting the revs up & that interval is wasted (I am using a TACX Neo).

    I did not know that pressing "start" would disable auto-pause. Seems that auto-pause disable should be a setting, rather than a hidden feature??



  • Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for the feedback!  I am curious why you think The Shovel would be more difficult in Level mode.  With level mode we are simulating grade but the way that we use it in the App it ends up making your smart trainer act more like a fluid trainer... so slope mode with a hint of resistance.  This means that when doing the sprint/short snappy interval workouts like The Shovel, Half Is Easy and Violator you do have to use your gears to change resistance levels but you don't have to worry about the time it takes for the smart trainer to adjust to the commands that the app is sending it.

    Here is one of our help articles where we touch on this a bit more.

    As far as the auto pause, I agree that it should be a switchable setting on the Ride Check screen.  I think we have that on our list somewhere but I am not sure yet when that will make it into the App.


  • My reaction to Cody's first reply on this subject was long and scathing, but I refrained from posting it.

    Apparently my use of the word "buffer" and politely posting this as a "feature request" has left room for confusion.

    This is a BUG. A very easily fixed BUG. In a confused reply Cody got it with "the App thinks that you have stopped". But instead of seeing it for something to easily improve the reply degenerated into a workaround to disable a major feature (that has a small bug), then further to the "worth a try" comment.

    So, to fix this in 80% of cases is one line of logic:
    IF reducing "instantly" from "max" effort to "min" effort AND auto stop is "on", THEN delay auto stop for "ShortTime".
    "ShortTime" needs testing but will be close to 1.5 seconds. Slightly longer is better than shorter, so call it 2-2.5 seconds.

    This is less than 5 minutes of programming, then perhaps 15 minutes of testing. It would make your software look far more professional. And it would make your helpdesk look a great deal more professional. Certainly better than making wild guesses about mode having an effect on auto run that you didn't bother to test for yourself, and publishing that for the world to see.

    To do the fix more thoroughly, just handle the edge cases of non max and min efforts and non instant reductions. This could be a simple algorithm and a bunch of rider testing (you can get that part for free from people like me).

    OR for a less elegant but quite workable fix you could just put a delay slider in the preferences pre set at about 2 seconds (or whatever your minutes of testing works it out as). This same slider could be used to disable auto start if there are enough riders wanting to do that.

    It's REALLY EASY to fix this, so please don't waste more time in workarounds or waffle, that is NOT the Sufferlandrian way. Just DO IT.

  • Hey Marty,

    I am truly sorry that my original response was upsetting. This section of the forum is meant as a sounding board to be used just as you did in your original post. We take the feedback here very seriously and if I replied in a way that diminished or seemed to dismiss that please accept my most sincere apology. I want this to be a place where everyone is free to make suggestions as they see fit.  With that said, I was offering what I thought would be the best solution for you in the current situation and posting it here in the forum in case someone else with a similar issue would find it useful.

    This thread containing your suggestion has already been passed along to our development team for review. I should have conveyed that I would be doing that in parallel with my suggestions.

    We are always working very hard to improve the platform and content of The Sufferfest Training System and suggestions like yours and the others here will help us do exactly that.  Thanks for your support and for taking the time to pass your ideas along to us.

  • Ok cool. Sorry for the grumpy. And thanks for forwarding it to the appropriate place. And yes, the manual start does give me another workaround to use for now. It's just that I really like the auto feature and would rather it worked.

    I wasn't thinking of this as a forum but rather as "helpdesk". My mistake.

    What would be good is a bug tracking site (they are available free and can be hosted on your own server if you have IT support). Then people like me can put in bug reports and feature requests, give feedback on patches etc and it would reduce the time you spend on dealing with the same issues for different people. It also is very professional and they generally suit programmers very well.

    I have a bunch of easy to implement improvements in mind already (more polish and ease of use than "features"). If there were an easy and appropriate way to suggest them without wasting others time it would be really nice.

  • One bug-tracking utility I have used successfully is Dragonfly.  Just something to look into.

  • I've not tried that one. But there are so many, such as "Bugzilla":

    It's available as free and open source on GitHub and used to develop the Firefox browser, so probably is sufficient for Sufferfest.

    Another that I have used is offered with free hosting by Zoho:


    But notification of messages from Sufferfest were delivered by "Zendesk", so they already have that. And Zendesk have their own bug tracking system. So Sufferfest could just make that module available. Well, if they were serious about product development and having some helpdesk ability with minimal input. (deliberate taunt :)

    Come on! Just do it!



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