Dual ANT+ works one day, broken the next

All winter long I was able to hook up dual ant+, one to Sufferfest to run my training and one to zwift to record the workout in a virtual world to give distance and climbing approximation.

Well, back in June sometime bothe Sufferfest and Zwift had an update and this stop working. I wasn’t sure if the culprit and it was summer so I just waited for more information. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that it was working again!! Yessss! Welp, got an update to Sufferfest today and now it’s even more broken than it was. Now if I have two ant+ dongles hooked up Sufferfest is not able to detect either.

Please fix this ASAP, and please stop breaking it!!!



  • Hey Shawn,

    I am sorry that you are having trouble with the dual Ant+ setup.  We just make sure that The Sufferfest App works with Ant+ but we don't do any verification that a dual Ant+ setup will work.


    Just to confirm, you are on version 5.4.3, is that correct?  Also, does The Sufferfest App recognize Ant+ normally when you only have one dongle inserted?

  • Yes, i am using 5.4.3.

    When there is one dongle, it does work normally.

    I know there are quite a few people that rely on the the dual ant+ setup, so i think i speak for a lot of people when i say, please support dual ant+ and consider it part of your feature set.

    Its worked in the past, it can work again :)

  • Is Zwift already open when you are trying to get things going in The Sufferfest App?  Try getting The Sufferfest connected and going first and then open up Zwift.  You could take it a step further and only have one Ant+ dongle in until you get the sensors paired to The Sufferfest App and then plug the second in.  What happens then?

  • Sorry, didnt see you replied here. I have tried both ways, sufferfest then zwift and vice versa. Basically, it looks as though Sufferfest simply does not function when there are two Ant+ dongles.

    I can actually replicate the issue without zwift at all. Simply open sufferfest up to a play screen with one dongle hooked up. Then plug another one in. The Ant+ status goes from on to off, unplug either dongle and it goes back to on.

    Please please please fix this! I love sufferfest, but this is a deal breaker for me, if i cannot find a way to run both zwift and sufferfest at the same time, ill have to go to another platform :(

  • Understood Shawn,


    I have passed this along to the development team.

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