Bluetooth connection

Hi. I have a Tracx which connects via Ant+ on my sufferfest app on Windows. However, the connection screen states " Bluetooth unavailable". I can't seem to connect my polar heart rate monitor. I'm sure I used to have connection and the heart rate displays on the screen... but not anymore. Can anyone help?



  • Hi Dominic,


    Does your Polar HR strap transmit in Ant+ as well?  Unfortunately, we don't support Bluetooth connections on the Windows version of The Sufferfest App.  We didn't before either though so it seems that we should be able to get your HR monitor working via Ant+.  If you click on the HR icon on the Ride Check screen do you see anything in the menu that appears?

  • Ah thanks Cody. I could have been using an Ant+ HR monitor before (looking at when I "upgraded" to this one.) It doesn't show on the menu but is connected to the laptop so must not have Ant+. Thanks for the help.

  • If it does support it there should be an Ant+ logo on it somewhere.  Most likely on the back.  

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