iOS 12 and The Sufferfest app = overlay screen during workouts not working

Anyone else having issues with iOS 12 on an iPad and The Sufferfest App? The overlay screen when doing a workout doesn't work for me anymore. It comes up for a 1/10th of a second and then closes.



  • Yes, same thing here. Quite frustrating. Doesn't seem to be any setting that helps.

  • Same thing was happening to me last night. When I double-tapped on the screen and held my finger down, the screen lasted just long enough to choose a button. Not a fix, but a temporary solution

  • Greetings Everyone,

    There is a bug with iOS 12 and our app that is causing this but have identified the issue.  We are at SUF HQ working feverishly to get an update (with a fix for this) released as quickly as possible for all of you.  We are super sorry for the trouble this is causing.

  • Yes, noticed this a few days ago as well, very frustrating when trying to adjust the intensity (up, of course, I swear).  

  • By the overlay screen I take it you mean the screen where you can pause or change the percentage level. I find it frustrating that I cannot change this during the workout


    at least I am not the only one

  • Cody has the update been released.  New to sufferfest and dont have HR cadence power or progress displays during rides


  • @ Thomas Kernen. I'm having the same issue with my Windows App so I guess it's happening right across the board. 

  • My original request had to do with the iOS version 5.5 from September 2018 and it got fixed. I assume the new comments are for the January 2019 release which I've not tested yet on iOS since it's about to be released but not as of me typing this message.

  • Hey Mike and Christopher,


    I am sorry that you are having display issues but I don't think I quite understand what is happening.  Can you both please email us at if you haven't already so that we can dig in further for you?

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