iOS 12 and The Sufferfest app = overlay screen during workouts not working



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    Douglas Ide

    Yes, same thing here. Quite frustrating. Doesn't seem to be any setting that helps.

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    John Beaschler

    Same thing was happening to me last night. When I double-tapped on the screen and held my finger down, the screen lasted just long enough to choose a button. Not a fix, but a temporary solution

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    Cody Moore

    Greetings Everyone,

    There is a bug with iOS 12 and our app that is causing this but have identified the issue.  We are at SUF HQ working feverishly to get an update (with a fix for this) released as quickly as possible for all of you.  We are super sorry for the trouble this is causing.

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    Ed Williams

    Yes, noticed this a few days ago as well, very frustrating when trying to adjust the intensity (up, of course, I swear).  

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    Bob Douglas

    By the overlay screen I take it you mean the screen where you can pause or change the percentage level. I find it frustrating that I cannot change this during the workout


    at least I am not the only one

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