Power and Cadence on ERG mode between warm up and resting period

I run an Elite Direto with my mac laptop and bluetooth ant + dongle. When starting a work out or during rest periods the only way I can get high cadence and low power close to suggested data is to drop on to the small front ring and then back on to the big ring a few seconds before the next work out phase starts.Another issue I experienced on Hell Hath No Fury last night was that I had to change down my gears when hitting a climb simulation, surely this should not have to be done when using erg mode ??



  • In facebook Elite Direto group you can find an excel with min/max power for each gear combination

  • Thanks Paolo but surely the sole purpose of a smart trainer and ERG mode is to not have to keep changing gears ?

  • ... provided you choose correct gearing for your power range...

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