wahoo blue SC not connecting



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    Cody Moore

    Hey Struan,


    Make sure that no other apps are holding onto the Bluetooth connection for that sensor.  If you have the Wahoo Fitness App open it me be preventing the other devices from picking it up.  Bluetooth connections don't like to be shared.

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    Hi.  I have a similar problem with a small difference.  My Blue SC will transmit speed for virtual power with no problem at all (via ANT+) but that disables its cadence capability.  If I disconect it and then pair it for cadence first, it will work for cadence, but not for virtual power.


    Makes no sense since this sensor is design to transmit both things (and does it, in many other apps).  


    Help please.

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    Cody Moore

    Hi Juan,


    I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your Blue SC and The Sufferfest App.  I have not heard of this being an issue when connecting with Ant+.   I am going to start a help ticket so that we can try to work through this.

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