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For a number of weeks (also with the new release I just installed) I'm not getting a full transfer of the data to TrainingPeaks. Yoga sessions will sync, but will include 0:00:00 as time completed in the session, hence leaving the session "open" on the plan. I've tried reconnecting etc and reached out to trainingpeaks, but to no avail. Any clues?



  • +1 - I'm having the same problem with Yoga and Mental files.

    If I pull the file out of email and upload to Training Peaks, it's fine.  But the auto-sync, while it sometimes links to the planned workout, shows 0:00 time.  Sometimes it loads up but doesn't sync to the planned workout at all.

  • Hey guys,

    Really sorry about the way that the yoga workouts are uploading to Training Peaks.  The developers are aware of this and working on a solution. Until we get this fixed up you should be able to manually adjust the time in Training Peaks to complete the workout.  I know this isn't ideal but unfortunately it's all I've got at this point (sorry about that).

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