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There already is a "Training Plan" tab in the app. I intuitively assumed it would show my training calendar once I register at Final Surge (or Training Peaks etc.). But I was surprised to see that wasn't the case. It's frustrating to have to separately launch a browser to check my training program. I just want to launch the Sufferfest Training App and go...

It would be really nice to have our training plan displayed in that tab once we link our preferred (or one of your affiliates') training calendar with the app. Please work on this feature!



  • I completely agree.  It's very confusing to navigate to the Training Plans tab and be presented with static content and a menu at the bottom of the page to Download the App, when I'm already running the application.  

  • Hmmm.....if I click on the Training Plans tab, I get my plan for today.


    The only thing that is missing as far as I'm concerned is to be able to go directly to the workout from there instead of having to swith to Videos and searching for it there....

  • @David, what version of the application are you using?  Are you integrating with TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge?  I'm seeing my issue in the Windows Application and I've got Sufferfest integration with FinalSurge turned on .  This is what I see on the Training Plans tab:

  • There are apparently some bugs with this feature.


    I could see my yesterday's workout last night when I posted my comment. 

    I checked this morning, and my plan for today wasn't visible.

    This afternoon, when I went to do my ride, it was again visible in the app both before and after the ride was complete (and it was properly marked as complete when it was done).


    Haven't managed to find a pattern yet...sometimes it works, other times not. Perhaps it's fixed in the new app.

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