HR Zone display meanings?

Can someone tell me what the HR Zones displayed on screen refer to?

I've noticed they seem to suggest a HR range but what does that refer to? In actual fact these are not anywhere near my own HR Zones as I have been used to and even if you are at the correct suggested cadence and power, this zone (shown in green, circled) is never anywhere near?


Just wanting to understand what's going on here.



  •  Hey Renko!


    The HR zones are based on your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate.  We measure this number and set the zones when you take the Full Frontal Fitness Test.  Have you done that yet? If you have not we are basing those zones on a default setting which could explain why your zones are incorrect.  

  • Hi Cody,

    Yes, I've taken a Full Frontal Test - what I'm unsure of is that my own screen shows similar to the example image above i.e.  Zone displayed with boundaries 144-156 (as example) but the actual HR is normally much lower than what's being displayed on the right side - are these HR Zone boundaries where you should ideally be for that part of the workout?

    Power and Cadence all match up I just don't understand what the middle HR graphic represents?

    It seems that the HR shown on the left section of this middle metric is always at odds with the Zone information on the right.

    Is there any way to view these HR Zones (based on LTHR)? 

  • Which version of The Sufferfest app are you running?  You can see the zones if you go to your Full Frontal workout in your passport.  Scroll down a bit and you should be able to see what those are set at.


    As far as HR goes it is also possible that you are getting fitter so your HR is lower for a given effort than it was when you tested last.  How long ago did you do Full Frontal?

  • Thanks Cody - can see them now. On latest version 5.5.0

    Did it Feb this year, am aiming to do it again in a week so will see what that results in.

    But again, should the actual HR ideally fall between the Zone information displayed on the right on the metric graphic?



  • Yep!  Ideally, the left number (your actual HR) should be between those two numbers on the right.  The thing is though that HR can be quite variable.  If you are just seeing this randomly it could be that you favor a particular type of effort (meaning psychologically) or that you are a bit fatigued.  If you are seeing a difference consistently it could be that you need to test again because for a given intensity your HR is no longer getting up into the correct zone (my guess since you have been training for 8 months without a re-test) or you were particularly fatigued last time you tested so your HR was elevated compared to what it should have been.


    So, unfortunately, yes it should fall between those numbers but if it is not, the reason why really depends.

    I'd say at this point re-test and see how things look after that.

  • Thanks for that Cody, yes - a re-test is the plan, know what to look for now.


    Cheers for the help.

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