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    Cody Moore

    Attention Folks!


    This is a feature requests section of the forum.  Please do not post about account issues here as it is likely that it won't be seen as soon as it should be.  If you have any account related issues or need urgent help please email

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    Roland Siegbert

    Woha. No Answer since 3 months? Let's bring this to Twitter...

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    Cody Moore

    Hey Roland,


    Thank you for pointing this out.



    I am so very sorry that I didn't see this post when you put it here.  I'm not sure how it was missed but I have deleted your account and all of your information now.

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    Arnold R

    Hi Sufferfest,

    I have sent a number of email requests to delete my account and through this website. No response for a long time. I would appreciate your attention for this request.




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    Cody Moore

    Hey Arnold,


    I am showing that one of responded to each of your emails and most recently I did today to confirm that your account was deleted.

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