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I use The Sufferfest with a Wahoo Kickr. The virtual distance displayed in the app differs notably to the virtual distance displayed in Strava. I recently completed a workout and the virtual distance in The Sufferfest was 15km, but in Strava, it was over 20km. Given the average power for the workout, the 20km distance would be much more accurate.

Hope you can help.



  • Hi Lee,


    You are exactly correct.  The distance on Strava is correct.  The Sufferfest App doesn't show the virtual speed/distance yet.  We will have that implemented in our next update.  The numbers should be correct any time you share your workouts just not in The Sufferfest app yet.

  • Excellent. Thanks for the update Cody. Am guessing that the update will not retrospectively update the distance in The Sufferfest App for rides we have already done?

  • Hey Lee,

    I can't say for certain at this point, but if I understand correctly, the past rides will not update with the new speed and distance reports. 

  • So I'm slightly confused. I don't feel that the virtual speed and distance is correct at all. Reason I'm saying that is because it's based off of equation and the only adjustment you can make for the six or seven parts of that equation is a rider's weight. I don't see where I can adjust bike weight or hand placement style Etc. When I run my Garmin independent speed sensor it gives me a much more closer speed to what my trainer says as well as what your program says before the speed formula is factored in. And then when it gets dumped into Strava the speed and distance is noticeably less due to your new virtual speed. I would think that you're distance and speed equation should pretty much mirror the independent Garmin speed sensor, since that is counting true rotation of the wheel with out any outside equations effecting is readings. Is there a way I can shut off this equation. My smart trainer already reads speed which mirrors an independent speed measurement device, so I know those are correct. by using Sufferfest, it's essentially taking away mileage which is kind of a bummer when you have set mileage to hit and a training plan the match up to.

  • Agreed...I rode through the 4DP workout yesterday on my Kickr Core...Sufferfest reported to Garmin Connect 28 miles over the hour, while Strava reported 12 miles...

  • Hey guys,

    Here is an article that explains this a bit more.  In our next update, we will have the option to choose speed from a compatible sensor or the virtual speed equation.  



  • I'm having issues still. This morning I did the 45 min Base free spin. I rode 45 mins at 20km pace. Strava does the simple maths as says that 15km completed. Roughly 5km per 15min. However, Sufferfest, Garmin and Training Peaks all say I rode 20kms. So wish you guys could figure this out because it's really messing with my OCD. 

  • I know we aren't supposed to care about distance and speed when training with power, but the numbers I am getting on Sufferfest make no sense and are still very different from Strava.  I am getting a virtual speed and distance number that is at least 25% lower than what I would get outside and the distance is about 25% lower than the distance Strava calculates.  Can we disable all of this and just go back to whatever it was before?  It is confusing.


  • Yep!  We will have the option to switch between either setup in our next update Jonathan.  There are a few bug fixes for the reporting with virtual speed as well.

  • Hi slightly off topic but I'm using virtual power taken from a rear hub mounted Garmin speed sensor. When pushing hard (suffering) the speed increases but the power drops off only get 114watts no matter how hard I push.

  • I encounter this problem slightly the other way around. When both my device and sufferfest record me about 25 km ride in one hour, the upload to Strava will show me 28 km. On the Blender, Sufferfest recorded me 43 km, my device showed 43 as well but on strava I was shown to have ridden 48. It seems that something goes wrong in the upload...

  • Hi Billy,

    I am not sure why your Virtual Watts number would remain stagnant.  The first thing I would check is the battery in the sensor followed by making sure that you are using a USB extension for your Ant+ dongle.

  • Hey Rick,


    I am going to start a help ticket.  If you are on 6.0 that may be a bug that we have fixed but I'd like to verify without losing our conversation here.

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