"ANT+ Unavailable" Warning When Using Strength Training or Yoga Videos

Minor issue here. It would be nice if the App didn't check for connectivity in Crosstraining videos. It's no big problem but gets kind of annoying over time as after you click "Ok" another promt about connectivity comes up and it makes you click through another button saying "Ride Anyway".

Also as seen above, it still says "Yoga:" in the title when you're on a Strength Training video.




  • Hi Omer, it looks like you might be running an older version of the app. Can you check to see if you are running version 5.5? If not, you'll want to grab that update here, that should take care of that issue!

  • Hi Rebecca, I checked and it was an older version. I also tried "Check for Updates" in the window menu bar but it wouldn't find any updates. I manually downloaded the update from the link you provided and all is good now. Thanks!

  • You're very welcome, I'm glad it is working properly for you now!

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