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I have issues connecting my kinetic road machine smart trainer to the app on my windows computer.  my ant+ stick is working because its catching my heart rate monitor.  According to the list, it should connect.  Any idea on how to make it work?



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  • Hey Alexandre,


    I am sorry to see that you are having troubles.  Are you using the Kinetic Smart Control or the inRide sensor?

    Kinetic Smart Control?

    If you are using the Smart Control you will need to set it up with a Bluetooth connection.  This is currently fully functional on our iOS app and you can see power on out Mac App but it doesn't have Erg mode there yet.  Unfortunately or Windows app doesn't support Bluetooth so we can't connect to the Smart Control there.

    Kinetic inRide?

    If you are using the inRide sensor you need the latest generation.  It is their third generation model and the sensor is green instead of black.  We don't support the first two as they used different communication methods but the latest one uses Ant+ and Bluetooth so you should be able to connect it to our app on any platform.  

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