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I'm a new user coming from a different training ecosystem.

Currently going thru prep week for the 4dp test, I've noticed that after a hard effort, like a sprint or high cadence drill, the massive flywheel on my trainer takes too long to go back to  a slow enough speed to create resistance again,  making the app track my power as 0 watts, even if still tracking cadence properly.

Trying to finish the Cadence Drills workout without mindlessly spinning thru the lack of resistance after revving up for the drills, the only way to get resistance is shifting to my lowest gear, but that kind of defeats the purpose of recovery time during workouts. I'm worried how it will work on other workoutsand I'd like a more concrete answer from support. Is it being looked after by sufferfest?

I mean really, if there is no fix for this I'll have to rethink my sufferfest subscription.

I'm on a Cycleops Hammer,  and I do a spindown calibration on rouvy before each workout.

Thank you



  • Hi Otavio,


    The tricky part with this is that every trainer is a bit different.  Trying to control how one trainer's flywheel brakes will most definitely cause troubles with a different trainer that has a different flywheel.  

    The best option here is to select a smaller gear for those big efforts which will cause the flywheel to spin up less than with a bigger/harder gear.

    Another option to go with that is to actually shift to a harder gear as the effort comes down which should help provide some more drive trainer resistance and aid in bringing the flywheel back down to a speed where the effort is back in line.


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