When paused, don’t "auto un pause"


this is a minor request.  I ride the suff in the basement by our washer and dryer.  Being a good hubby, I will often do a load of laundry when a break in my workout happens.  So I pause the suff, walk to the washer, and the suff will unpause itself due to my rpm sensor being attached to my shoe (there isn’t enough room for it on my bike). It was really easy to push a button to pause, I request that the suff unpause ONLY on a button push.  Or at least not by my rpm sensor on my footsie.  Thanks.




    I THINK this has been solved as follows:

    When you are going to BEGIN a training, DONT start pedaling for the Vid. to start...

    Press the play button instead.... This way, you will have to manually PAUSE it, and then manually RESUME.


    hope it helps

  • Based on yesterday, this has not been fixed - I paused it to answer a call and it auto started again, so I had to pause again. All while out of breath....so no auto-restart please

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