Apple TV

Please develop Apple TV app, switching to FulGaz for a bit to get the views I liked from Mike Cotty videos!



  • I second that!

  • Yes, please develop an Apple TV app!

  • A native Apple TV app would be awesome.   

    I don't know if anybody has mentioned this.  There might be a near-term solution if you have a MBP or iMac and an Apple TV.   You should be able to use AirPlay from a MBP or iMac to display Sufferfest on your Apple TV. 



  • Screen mirroring is possible using a iphone/ipad, but it would be even better if you could mirror the video and use the device screen to display power/heartrate/cadence. Also would be nice to keep audio on the device (think about using a iphone+headphones but displaying the video on the big apple tv screen).

  • Seconded!

  • +1

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