4dp setting not updated on ipad mini

I have been using my phone for my ride but when I connect to the external display it only used part of the screen.  So I wanted to try my ipad mini since the screen format issues don't seem to happen on the ipad.  Only trouble is that my latest full frontal test is not being picked up and I still see my old number from a test about a year ago.  Is there a way I can force a refresh of this data so I can get my latest ftp numbers and see my recent rides?

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it on the ipad.






  • Hey Greg,


    Can you see your most recent Full Frontal in your passport?  If so go to it and you should see a button to apply those results to your profile.  Just click that and you should be up to date.

  • Hi Cody,

    I can see the latest results from my latest rides.  I was able to update my profile.  I don't think I could before so maybe the uninstall/re-install helped with that.  




  • Good news!  Happy Suffering!!

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