New App in January?

So I just got an email about the new app launching in January but nothing on this site that I can see? Seems odd but regardless, any more information???



  • Greetings!  Yes, the new app is coming mid next month.  You should head to and sign up for our newsletter for those updates.  We will have a completely redesigned app, NoVid workouts, and a ton of other really cool improvements.

  • You can also check out our facebook page for some sneak peeks.

  • Thanks Cody. I got the newsletter okay I was just surprised I don't see anything on the website. Oh, and I don't have a Facebook account!


  • Hi Cody,

    Just noticed the NoVid workouts.  Looks like a nice addition - although suffering without a video is always particularly painful.  However, any chance there'll be a workout editor so we can create our own NoVid workouts based on existing ones or creating new one?

    Also, although I do have a Facebook account, I log in about once every 3 months.  Please put anything significant on Facebook here, or on the blog, as well.



  • Yep!  We are hard at work on a lot of cool improvements.  I can't give a timeline at this point but stay tuned.

  • I take it the new app isn't out yet? The new layout of workouts looks incredible. I cannot wait for that.

    I reeeeally hope its in place for the Tour!

  • Is there going to be an Android version?

  • Hi, everything is pointing towards the new app being available, but the link on the website to the windows version is still v.  

    When's the new version available?

  • Hey Paul,


    I may be behind in replying here (sorry for that) but the desktop version (Mac and Windows) is downloadable on our site now.  We are still (impatiently) waiting on Apple to approve the iOS version of the app.

  • Sorry, does that mean we have to download it afresh, only I was assuming that the existing app would update automatically or something?

    So, do I have to go to the website and download the new app, and if o should I remove the existing app first or what?

  • Yes, is the best place to grab the new download.  It is a completely rebuilt app so it will have a new app icon and be completely separate from the old app.  No need to uninstall the old one but you can if you'd like to.

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