Sufferfest vs Training Peaks ATP bike limiters

Hello, pretty new to SF and TP, and working and adjusting my ATP workouts for the calendar year.  I started few weeks ago with a 10 week plan, but fell like i could arrange my own workouts on my on schedule.   

My question is how do TP Bike Limiters correlate to SF training videos. i want to make sure i pick the right video/ workout that my ATP is asking me to do. See below

Training Peaks ATP bike limiters are:

  • Endurance,
  • force,
  • speed skill,
  • muscular endurance,
  • anaerobic endurance,
  • test

SufferFest videos are:

  • open, 
  • base
  • climbing
  • drills
  • endurance
  • fitness test
  • mashup
  • racing
  • speed
  • style
  • time trial

Thanks in advance for the help.



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