Cadence Builds **After Strength**

I just subscribed to the Regular Intermediate program for VO2 Effort Weakness and the Intermediate Strength program, both to start Nov 21 on my Training Peaks calendar.  On Sunday 25th I'm scheduled for Cadence builds after strength, but there is no strength workout on the calendar.  



  • Hi Bill,


    Have you added the Strength plan to Training Peaks as well?  They are listed separately on the training plans page and needed to be added once you have added your cycling plan.


    If you have added the Strength plan please be sure that its start date matches that of your cycling plan.

  • Hi Cody,

    I added both to Training Peaks to start from today. 

  • Hmm, they should line up then.  Which two plans do you have?  What is the cycling plan called and what is the strength plan called?

  • Hi Cody,

    Intermediate Cycling / Sprinting Weakness / Designed for Strength Training

    SUF Strength Intermediate Training Plan / Pair with Novice or Intermediate Cycling and Tri Plans

    They are different lengths

  • In order to dig into this a bit deeper, I am going to start a ticket for us, Bill.

  • Exact same problem here. Mine is with the "Sustained Efforts" one though.

  • Ahh, I think I see it.  Are you using the plans that say they are designed to be implemented with strength training?  You will need one of those for everything to line up correctly.

  • Not quite. here's what I have lined up. I'm using Final Surge, so pretty sure it's a problem with the program. Not the calendar or app.

    I'm almost certain the program considers the first (introductory) SUFSTR entry as a workout. Rest of those seem to line up well.



  • Hey Bill,


    They are different lengths.  The strength plan is a 24-week progression and the cycling plans are 12 weeks.  The idea is that you add another cycling plan after the first one while you stay on the same strength plan.

  • Omer,


    Thank you for the screenshot!  I think that you are correct here but I am verifying to be sure.  I'll be back soon.

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