Cadence builds session. newbie

Hi Everyone,

I signed up to the 7 day pre work out before 4DP Sunday and last night it was time for the cadence builds session.

I loved it and it felt like a solid work out but i was struggling to hit my cadence target during the 7 min section but i was spot on with power.

if i try and get the legs up to 90 rpm the power is way to high so i ended up following power in the easy sections and then went flat out in the cadence section and hit targets.

I also got to 145 rpm but then it spins out and can't keep with the resistance.

all this is being done in ERG mode not slope mode

Can anyone help please.

My trainer is a Vortex smart  



  • Could be a gearing issue. ERG mode is limited by the trainer's power curve, which determines both the min and max resistance at any given speed.

    If you're running, say, 50/12 at 90 rpm (47 kph), the trainer won't be able to produce low enough resistance for 200W (or even less).


  • I agree with David here Adam.  Next time you do that workout try in an easier gear and see how that treats you.  

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