"Month for 1$" - videos NO stream NO download

OK, Guys! I love your App a lot. Use it every winter season since the beginning.

Saw your 1$ proposition and made account to my wife as a month trial for her.

And... already 2 days videos didn't streaming or downloading.

On iOS and same on MacOS

MacOS App - always the same things "Waighting for video..." and no changes

iOS App - just quit after some time loading with info "Video Error"

I've updated both apps to the last version yesterday  



  • I am really sorry to see that you are having issues with the videos.  I am going to start a help ticket so that we can dig in a bit further.  

  • Did this get fixed? I'm having the exact same issue. I haven't been able to sufferfest at all, because I can neither stream or download. Has this issue gotten lost in the ether? I see the same issue posted elsewhere in the last few weeks, with the same reply as above - "we'll open a ticket and see".

  • Hi Mike,

    I am sorry to see that you are having troubles.  Typically video issues are a bit localized and it helps to get some more information from the user in order to make sure that there isn't anything weird going on on our end.  That's why I usually just start a ticket for those issues.   Are you still having issues with videos?

  • Hi,

    I am using Windows version, 7day trial as firstly I wanted to test this cycling program, and from the beginning I have problems with videos, either through stream or download. 

  • Hi All

    I've started this topic. It's a local trouble. VPN could help

  • Ok. On windows 7 I had no videos, while on windows 10 I don't have any issues. 

  • Hey kudl4t,


    Unfortunately, we don't support Windows 7 but it is good to see that you are up and running on Windows 10.

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