Out of the saddle efforts

Why do some of the workouts have so much out of the saddle efforts?

I'm thinking it is a leg strength thing, but I personally would never be out of the saddle so much on the road even if  I was trying my hardest.

Otherwise I love the app, been on and off since the video days.



  • Hey Julio,


    Yeah, the standing efforts are to promote different muscles being engaged during the workout.  Everyone treats standing a bit differently.  I don't stand much wither but I use the standing during the workouts as a reason to do just that. 

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  • I am couch potato who took up cycling about 3 years ago after having given up sport in my 30s, so I'm following the training plans to get fit. I find that when a particular workout asks me to stand, the power/cadence combination is impossible, there is not enough resistance for me to stand and I constantly 'bang' the pedals as each turn catches up too soon (hard to describe but I'm sure you know what I mean).

    At the moment I simply ignore the stand instruction and stick to the power/cadence guide. I can stand if I go right up the gears to get some more resistance but then the power I am doing is way over the guidance.

    Which should i do?

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  • Hey Graham,

    Much of this depends on the trainer that you are using.  It's okay to go over on the power if you are able to and need to in order to get close to the lower cadences.

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