Love the new app!

This is just a comment really - the new app is absolutely brilliant!  I have an old iMac (2009 - yes, it still works!), and the old Sufferfest app only just about managed to run - it was super-slow to respond, and the graphs never worked in the workouts.  I persevered though because I love the training sessions. I was not looking forward to the new app as I was sure it wouldn't run at all.

However - it is fantastic!  Super-quick, runs perfectly with my Neo and other sensors...  My suffering is transformed.

Great work, Sufferfest app team.

PS - I don't see the no-vid workouts - are they not loaded yet?



  • Sadly, my experience has been the polar opposite.

    Lots more eye candy doesn't make a better functional tool in my opinion, certainly there are some parts that are better, but as a functional tool, no.

    Love sufferfests approach to quality structured training with a music/video set up, yes, unparalleled in this i feel, but more work to their software is required, ie wattage and cadence timings, some videos are unforgiving and a small drop in cadence when in erg is like a hammer to recover from.

    Wattages on erg regularly fail to drop to the next segments lower value causing you to hang on to long wrecking your recovery and ruining your session.

    Dont know who else has had laughable strava uploads from their new sessions but i completed a 44 min session to get a 1hr 22min upload with every other metric way of.

    When pushing play on workout it starts straight away without any verification on sensor setup, v 5.5 was better in this respect.

    jumping out of erg to level mode because you've bit of more than you can chew was easier in other versions with the little hamburger side menu, now its hard to find in the new whitewash menu.

    I sit a few feet away from my tv and not at a pad or laptop, so, maybe an issue that some people dont get, a lot of people have pain caves and tv setups so a visual drop ball i feel.

    Again usuable and functional v glitz and glammer.


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  • I’m not seeing the no-vid workouts yet either... hopefully soon?

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  • Same here, no-vid workouts are MIA...on Windows and iOS.

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  • I just heard back from The Sufferfest about the lack of no-vid workouts. They are just waiting for the iOS app to be updated which should happen any day but they’re at the mercy of apple at this point. Soon though!!

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  • I have to side with Gavin on this one. Apart from the fact that the app doesn't run as smoothly as the old one on my (kind of aged) laptop, I don't see the point/benefits of the new visual layout.

    In my opinion the old style with minimal on screen info worked fine and set the Sufferfest apart. It also stood for a somewhat Spartan feel, where the main focus is suffering not looking at graphs with pretty colors. Same goes for the stats now being overlayed on the video, just doesn't do it for me. 

    Feels like the Minions missed out on a change to implement improvements in functionality like in app calibration and easier switch between ERG and slope which I'd really like to have seen. 




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  • Agreed, the switching between ERG and Slope modes was a requirement in past versions due to "syncing" issue. Always had to go in and out of ERG get it to take. With v6.0, once I switch to Slope mode, it won't go back to ERG unless I remove the Kickr and add it back a couple of times. Still needs to be sorted...

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  • Issues I'm seeing in the new app:

    • No effort control mapped to the up & down keys. I have to do this with the mouse during the drill which is a PAIN!
    • I'm having a syncing issue with the app not sending workouts to anywhere.
    • Can't go back to ERG in mid-workout.
    • Space bar should be mapped to pause the video.
    • No sync between my Training Peaks workout plan for the day and the app. (That was a good point of the old app that I don't see here)
    • I'd ideally like to see the training peaks calendar in app as I'm using the sufferfest training plans and have to reference TrainingPeaks to see today's workout vs. seeing it in Sufferfest.

    Edit: I had to restart the computer to get the workout file to sync.

    Edit #2: Correction. It synced to Strava but not to Training Peaks. Still haven't managed to sync it to training peaks. Note: I renamed the workout to "The "How to Look Fast at the Beginning of a Race" Intervals"

    Edit #3: It actually didn't sync anywhere, the Strava "Sync" was a 2 second ride with no data in it.

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  • I like the new app and I think that’s an improvement of the old. Here below my personal suggestions to improve it further.

    • When I want to choose a workout I try to understand the actual intensity of the various zones, color helps to understand if intensity is under FTP, or inside MAP, or inside AC, or NP, but it would be useful to know the actual percentage, for example 60% FTP or 90% FTP. This could be achieved by using the mouse over the chart to obtain the real percentage.
    • There are some workouts short and some very long, generally, I perform training at most between an hour and an hour and a half. So I'd like to have a setting function that lengthens or shortens movie time adding pieces of important training. Example Revolver is 45 minutes and it could be increased to an hour by adding 5 or more one-minute intervals.
    • Personally I don’t like the no vids, since there is the possibility to turn off the video I would have put a video anyway.
    • I preferred data shown on the screen at the top of the screen and it would be good that you could also set where to locate data, above or below.


    Thank you for making my workouts more fun and effective.



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