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Is there a way I can see what songs are used in each video?  I enjoy a lot of the music, and would like to follow up with some of the bands ... but I don't exactly have time to write down the artist when I'm in the middle of an interval :).




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    Hi everyone!

    We are starting to work on this.  I can't say how long it will take us as to complete but it is in the works and once we have a good start we will publish the list as a help article.

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  • Hi Brian,


    This is on our list of things to do but I don't have a timeline on when we will get something out.

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  • I agree, the music is great.  Sometimes i have my phone ready so i can make a list of the song I like.  But trying to type when you are going 110-120 cadence is kind of hard. A list would be awesome. 

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  • The Spotify playlists are good.  There are still a few videos that I’ve tried to find song lists for that aren’t on Spotify yet.

    i sure would love to know the song that plays at the beginning of Igniter, for instance. 

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  • Yes!  I too would like this to happen.  For example I have missed name of the song played during the last "rest" period of Butter every time and I really like that song.  

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  • Yup, I wish that there was an song/artist list in the order of appearance for each of the videos.  I've tried to remember the songs/artists that appeal, but it's hard to keep that in my head after the workout.  I have an old school voice recorder and am thinking about putting that next to the bike so I can dictate the info from the songs...

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  • Hey gang!


    Here is a (mostly complete) list of songs from our videos!

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  • This is fantastic! Thanks, Cody.

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  • I found a song ,after some deep research, that appears to be misnamed & mis-credited.
    It’s in Power Station - listed as Animal by Deep.
    It’s actually called Ok! and it’s by a group called “Jauz, San Holo”, released in 2016.

    Are all these lists on Spotify yet? I can’t find them, & that’s why I’m trying to create the playlists for my workouts.

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  • List is partwise shuffled regarding the order Artist/Song vs. Song/Artist.

    Also I got some other songs in my list I got on my own, but they seem to be the correct songs.

    Elements of Style missing, that's what I got:

    Nineteen Eighty Seven

    Who We Are



    21 Grams

    Beautiful Furniture (Pimo Remix)


    Deep Space

    Sun & Moon

    New Moon







    Jolly Joker

    Carpe diem (Original Mix)


    My sunshine

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