Screen rotation during workout video

Since the updated interface I can’t get my phone’s screen to rotate to a vertical orientation (always on horizontal orientation) during workout videos.
This was not the case before the updated version of the app.
I can’t seem to find a setting within the app (my phone’s screen is set to do this when in day to day use ).
Is there now a setting somewhere for this within the updated app?



  • Hi Emile,


    With the new version of the app, there is no vertical option, only horizontal.

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  • I like the horizontal only. Saves me having to make sure it knows it is horizontal.

    It’s only horizontal one way up though. I often have my phone horizontal with an upside-down picture because my charging cable comes from the right.

    If the battery is high I have it the right way up. If the settings allow you to do it I’d let people choose between the two horizontals.

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