Beginner Videos - Need to Ramp Up Slowly

I am really out of shape after a long hiatus.  I need to put a little tone in my legs and leather on my butt before I start suffering for real.  I have been doing the "Open" ride videos for a couple of days.  The plan is to do the Full Frontal plan and test in a week or two.

I know that this question is not in the spirit of Sufferlandia, but anyone have a  suggestion for relatively easy videos that will help me get started without overdoing it?  Are there any tradition "rides" based on classic and/or scenic routes?



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    Hey Jim -- You might also enjoy the following workouts -- they're not that difficult...more focused on endurance or strength than that real lung-busting stuff. They are: G.O.A.T, To Get To The Other Side, Getting Away With It and The Way Out. And, as Cody says, you can dial down the intensity at any time to set targets which match how hard you want to work. If you're not sure how to change intensity, you can do so here:

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  • Hey Jim,


    You can dial back the intensity of any of the workouts to ease yourself back into Suffering.  I have been known to do this.  It is quite enjoyable to watch the video as you do the workout at a lower intensity.

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  • Elements of Style will help get back into things.  

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