4DP Rider profile didn't update after modifying power values


My power profile is as follows:

5 sec - 600 W (modified)

1 min - 354 W  (from 4DP)

5 min - 240 W (modified)

20 min - 180 W (from 4DP)

Edit: I'm 78 kg right now.

the app isn't telling me what my rider profile (Roleur, Pursuiter etc) is with the modified values, but only with the old values. What's my rider profile with the modified values? 



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    Hi Anirudh!

    I am sorry that you aren't seeing updated info but let's see if we can get you fixed up.  If you go to the passport section of The Sufferfest app, click the activities tab, and search for "Full Frontal" your most recent test should come up.

    Once you see that there should a green button that gives you the option to apply the results to your profile.

    Once you do that you should see your new rider type and data in your profile.

    Please let me know how this treats you.  If that doesn't fix things I'll start a help ticket for you.

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  • Hello.

    The app used the 4DP test to come up with my rider profile (Roleur). However, I didn't go hard enough for the 5 sec and 5 min efforts, so I entered values manually. These manually updated values for 5 sec and 5 min power didn't update rider type. What should I do next to update rider type based on manually entered values of 5 sec and 5 min power?

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  • Ahh, I understand now.  Unfortunately, the app won't calculate the rider type and weakness with manually entered numbers.  It will only calculate using your actual test results.


    I can tell you thought that those numbers would make you a Pursuiter with a Sustained weakness.


    Workouts that will focus on your weakness are:

    The Wretched, It Seemed Like Thin Air (Mash-Up), Thin Air, Hell Hath No Fury

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  • Sorry, I made a mistake while entering the 1 min power. The power numbers are:


    5 sec - 600 W (modified). 

    1 min - 272 W (from 4DP). 

    5 min - 240 W (modified).

    20 min - 180 W (from 4DP)


    Would I still be a pursuiter with these numbers?

    Weight is 78 kg

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  • Yep!  Still a pursuiter.

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