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Apologies if this is a silly question but when using the sufferfest app should I be matching the Power and Cadence on each video or do I just concentrate on one of them. At times I have difficulty in getting a steady match to both, and have attempted to change gears and resistance to help.





  • I am just a 'saddle-warrior' myself, not a coach in any way....

    I have had the same experience.  I found myself not being able to hold the higher cadences called for in some of the workouts, especially as the power requirements held.  I am naturally a slower-cadence rider (grinder) vs. a higher-cadence (spinner).

    This past Winter I purposefully started to add more workouts using the higher cadence spinning to help train myself to adapt to the higher cadences.  While I won't claim that miracles occurred, I can definitely see/feel the differences and my testing results showed good improvements that I will at least partially attribute to my training adjustments.

    Just my experience! 

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  • There are times when I match one then the other is either too high or too low.  I then waste time trying to change gears and/or resistance.


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  • Same was true for me.  In those instances, I generally chose to match power and try to hold the best cadence I could.  I then intentionally worked on my higher-cadence spinning as I outlined in the previous post.

    In ERG-mode on the trainer I generally do not change gears much as I rely on the automatic adjustment of the power to be my guide.

    While I do believe the high-cadence spin training did help me train my legs for that, undoubtedly, a general increase in fitness also accounted for better testing results.

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  • Hi Everyone!

    This issue is very dependant on the gear that you are using.  In your cases where you are struggling to match, you will want to match power in most cases.  There are some videos where you will want to make cadence the focus.


    Here is a good article that covers this a bit more.


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