Windows 10 (1809) and Bluetooth


Sorry for my bad english.

You write



For Bluetooth connections on Windows computers you will need The Windows Creators Version or newer.


I'm in Windows 10 version 1809  (newer than The Windows Creators Version) but the bluetooth in the app stay off, i don't understand.

Yet my bluetooth is properly started and and works well with other training apps

Thank you for your help because I am very interested in your application



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    Hi Michel,

    Is your Bluetooth built into your computer or a USB stick?  Can you please check for driver updates for your Bluetooth?

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  • Hi Cody,
    Thank you for your response.
    It's the built in Bluetooth computer.
    The driver is correctly update, it's the first thing i verify.
    The use of Bluetooth built in is certified with the Windows app sufferfest ?

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  • Hey Michel,


    I am going to start a help ticket for this.  Most Bluetooth adaptors should work but we may have to dig in a bit here.

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  • Same problem and Windows version but Asus USB-BT400 (USB Adapter)


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  • I have the same issue on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop, built in bluetooth

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  • Hi Everyone,

    While we do support Bluetooth on Windows there still seem to be certain combinations of Bluetooth radios, PCs, and drivers that aren't playing nicely with our app.  We are actively investigating this in Q4 of 2019 to see what we can find out but, unfortunately, I don't have a quick fix for Bluetooth at this time.

    If Ant+ is an option for you, I recommend using that in the meantime.  Here is an article that details setting up Ant+.

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