Stages SC3 Wheel Size?

Hey everyone. I’m about to try Sufferfest on the Stages SC3 at my gym tonight. But I’m wondering what i should choose as the wheel size in my settings?



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    Hi Chris,


    Unfortunately, with a spin bike there isn't an appropriate wheelsize.  The good news is that if it has a power meter on it that you can connect to (you may have to turn off the head unit of the SC3) you can use power targets with the app by connecting The Sufferfest to the power meter on the spin bike.

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  • Cody,

    Makes sense, and yes I connected to the power meter and had cadence and power. But I can’t help but wonder if my distance in the app is affected by what wheel size is selected in those settings.

    I’m on the edge of if I will pay to continue the subscription. And wouldn’t it be rad if Sufferfest could make a setting for spin bikes? At least the popular ones?

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  • If you aren't running virtual watts, then the wheelsize doesn't affect your speed.  We calculate it based on your power and some other factors.  You can read about that in this article:

    We don't have spin bike wheel sizes because there is not usually a good way to receive speed data from the bikes or in most cases they don't have speed data that they can transmit to The Sufferfest app and there is not a good way to mount a speed sensor.

    If you are running power, the calculation that we have set up is a very good option!

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