Elite Real e-motion original version - NOT B+ version


is there a possibility to connect the original Elite real e-Motion Trainer (not the B+ Version)? On Zwift they are working instantly with Ant+, even with remote-controlled resistance adjusting. I really would prefer the sufferest to Zwift but only if my Trainer is supported. Do you think there is a way to connect with ANT+?

Thank you for your help.

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    Hi Florentine,


    As long as the E-Motion Rollers support the Ant+/FE-C communications protocol they will work with The Sufferfest app.  I am having trouble finding confirmation that the originals are FE-C but I am guessing that they are if they are already working with Ant+.


    The good news is that we have a free trial.  Sign up and make sure they connect with no risk to you.  

    When you do connect them you will want to connect them as "FE-C Trainer" in the app.  Here is an article on connecting devices.

    If you run into any issues please email us at theminions@thesufferfest.com

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